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    Marketers favor retargeting and the trend is growing. Studies indicate that half of targeted respondents showed an inclination towards increasing their budgets for retargeting in the coming six months. However, this should result in significant brand lift and sales. You can ensure this happens in the following ways:

    1. Concentrate on Core Marketing Principles
    Steer clear of retargeting service providers that have earned a reputation of fitting into last-click attribution schemes as opposed to driving increased revenue.

    Utilize core marketing values. Engage new customers while building lasting relationships with them. You will be required to access data, get exposure to ads and touch points to synchronize your channels in influencing consumers. Employ KPIs.

    2. Appreciate Audience Differences 
    Site retargeting can generate many clicks especially when a consumer has viewed a product indicating that the individual is interested in buying it.

    You can build new relationships by retargeting higher level users even though they may not provide many clicks. In the long run, it results in an increase in revenue.

    3. Use Nuanced Retargeting Tactics

    Using search retargeting raises brand awareness especially in cases where a consumer searches for a product but chooses another brand other than yours from the search results. This helps defuse a situation where the user is unaware of your brand offering the same product.

    4. Messaging Should Target Specific Users
    Retargeting depends on product-level banner ads that deliver up to 10 times more clicks. Conversely, retargeting does not always have to target the product but an issue related to it.

    Retargeting a prospect should take into consideration factors like device type, message sequencing, intent, time of day and brand awareness.

    5. Choose Associates that are Straight Forward
    Always partner with a retargeting vendor that is sincere. The associate should give you highly useful information. Your retargeting associate’s goals should match yours and this can only be guaranteed if everything is done above board.

    By sharing the same goals, you and your associate are drawn together and work in the interests of each other in order to earn revenues and make profits.

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