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    The branded generic top-level domain has received a major boost from Google’s Chromecast. This is specific to companies already in the content distribution business. You can surf the web on nearly all the flat screens in your home because it converts your computer, phone or tablet into a remote control; all this at a paltry$35 from Amazon Prime in two days.

    Due to its cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness, the technically challenged can search online from the couch. It could make millions of cable consumers in the U.S. change their technology preferences due to competitive pricing.

    Comcast has already submitted applications for many gTLDs like .XFINITY and .COMCAST. This indicated a future shift to online distribution while preparing itself with the required technology. Joining Comcast is Dish Network with several applications for gTLDs such as .OTT, .BLOCKBUSTER, .MOVIE and .DISH. Others are Rogers, EchoStar, Frontier Communications and Now TV. Meanwhile, these industry leaders are providing access to the internet in readiness for future consumer behavior shifts.

    If consumers focus their spending on fiber access via Google Chromecast and turn every device into a remote control, a shift away from cable makes the digital world within reach for the typical consumer.

    Various content distributors and traditional networks in the gTLD space applied for gTLDs like PlayStation, ABC, XBOX and Bloomberg. Google also made 101 applications. Amazon had 76. Others like L’Oreal opted for huge generics for makeup, beauty, hair and more. This gives them ownership of the top-level domain. It provides the user with access to the products and related topics. Conversely, important data can be tracked across their own digital channel.

    Other applicants looking to build out channels of content include NBA, NFL and MLB.  gTLDs free these firms from the concept of homepage online providing them with the chance to issue directories of content and distinct landing pages welcoming customers into their new environment.

    As such, consumers determine their own digital experience. Internet-based TV becomes accessible to millions. Consumers are on the verge of adopting this new technology.

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  • 24May

    A compelling video makes people mare attentive as opposed to reading a static article. Videos have the ability to capture the individual’s attention the most.

    Astonishing Video Marketing Stats

    Here are some statistics regarding the effectiveness of video marketing:

    • The understanding of your product or service increases by 74 percent.
    • Every month, over 6 billion hours of video footage are viewed on You Tube.
    • There are 1 billion distinct users on YouTube every month.
    • Every week, three-quarters of video executives watch work-related videos on business websites.
    • Videos make it 60% more likely to sell a product on online retail.

    Self-Hosted vs. Video-Sharing Websites

    To know where to host the videos, it is essential to keep the following in mind:

    • The objective of your videos
    • Type of videos to be produced
    • Targeted audience
    • Production and hosting budget of the video

    Content Issues

    Always consider the kind of video to be produced. Videos work better when self-hosted. The kind of content that is shared in video sites includes recaps, event promotions or how-to videos.


    The Argument for YouTube:  Normally, YouTube is the preferred choice for hosting videos. It is more complete and powerful than any other competitor. It does not require a lot of coding either.

    Conversely, YouTube is owned by Google giving it a direct line to performance data surrounding videos hosted here.


    The Case for Self-Hosting Videos:  Additionally, by self-hosting you have the flexibility to brand in any way you want to. Hosting video on your own website results in your website showing up in the search engines results pages or SERPs as opposed to You Tube.

    However, the cost of hosting videos reduces profitability. Other challenges include complex coding and video formatting.

    Video sharing allows for easy management of videos, large audience, a better chance to rank in SERPs and is free. Disadvantages include difficulty in targeting the right audience, piracy and copyright issue, regional restrictions and adverts.

    Videos are useful in enhancing sales and leads. Video marketing bolsters the online marketing campaign via better conversion, click-through and engagement rates.

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  • 10May

    Online public relations are prone to mistakes in SEO. The following are mistakes that should be avoided at all costs:

    1. Undervaluing Press Releases as Part of Your LinkBuilding Campaign

    Press Releases are one of the most important tools for getting your stories out to journalists. Journalists can give you a clean link in a published article.

    2. Lack of Clarity and Focus in Your Press Release

    Focus on giving one story at a time. Conversely, provide a link to your client’s online press center or newsroom if they would like to know more.

    3. Your Press Release Is Lacking In News Content

    Many companies issue press releases that are not worthy of the news.

    The press releases you issue have to be something worth writing about by a journalist and interesting to the reader.

    4. Wrong Distribution of Your Press Release

    Be selective in picking out who to involve in your press release including outlets.

    5. Not Controlling Everything

    Due to the largely collaborative nature of public relations, the chances of miscommunication increase.

    6. Poorly Structured Press Release

    Develop a headline that is an immediate attention grabber. It should be more visible than the rest.

    7. Lack of Preparedness For A Follow Up From A Journalist

    Attracting journalists from major newspapers or media houses could result in their journalists requesting interviews.  Publication is determined by how well you do during the interview.

    8. Lack Of Follow Up

    It is essential to follow up so that you can avoid extra stories. Get the most out of your story in this way.

    9. You Leave the Journalist With More Questions Than Answers

    You should make the journalist’s job as easy as possible. Writing the story in a way that it would appear in print enhances the chances of it being published.

    10. You Don’t Exploit the Opportunity of Getting Editorial Links

    Make use of the opportunity to get an editorial link. It is not clear how this is achieved, but keep making the effort by avoiding the aforementioned mistakes.

    As such, link building campaigns still rely on Press releases due to their value.

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  • 19Apr

    SEO deals with the enhancement of things now to achieve better results in the future. Just like any other year, 2014 will warrant maintenance of the same pace by SEO professionals.

    The following are some key issues that SEO consultant should focus on in 2014:

    1. Stick to the Basics
    There is a further need for the optimization of SEO. In the initial stages and moving forward, a successful campaign is governed by on-page SEO and keyword research.

    Companies issue keyword data by focusing more on brand recognition instead of non-branded keywords.

    2. Content Marketing Strategy
    Content should be guided by a marketing strategy through attracting, acquiring and engaging a well-defined targeting audience. Do so by relaying information that makes your audience more informed and intelligent. This promotes interaction and creates loyalty.

    3.  Responsive Design Site 
    Your website should be accessible by mobile devices using responsive design coding. It works on all platforms without regard to the size. Moreover, this is the preferred technique for Google in dealing with the multiple device challenge.

    This increases in visits, lower bounce rates, improved search engine result rankings, a higher rate of return visits and more social shares.

    4. Link Building
    It is difficult to achieve external link building results because of the intent behind acquiring the links. Spammers are fought by Google by employing all its resources. The SERPS can be affected adversely when a number of bad links point back to a website. Do not acquire links from link networks and sources that you have no knowledge about.

    5. Schema Markup

    With structured data, the search engines can efficiently comprehend various elements of page like local address information, events and articles. Diverse markups include geo tag, video, recipe, reviews, breadcrumbs, event snippet and authorship. A little research will guide you on what to benefit from. Google Webmaster Tools facilitates the experience as well.

    6. Employ Social Media

    Employ social media to engage more customers while keeping followers informed about promotions and current news while encouraging customers to return. It leads to solid traffic driving to your site as well as increased brand awareness.

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    china seo

    It is not easy to localize Google search optimization strategy and practices in China.

    Despite implementing the best practices you could discover that your page inclusion results in the Chinese search engines like Baidu are not as many as those in Google. However, you can still improve the page inclusion rate.

    The first thing to do is to authenticate your website using the Baidu Zhanzhang webmaster tool.

    Secondly, use the Baidu test to check the site speed. The results will be specific to the website loading speeds for the South and North internet platform in China.

    These tools identify and troubleshoot speed issues and hosting architecture that could develop problems for your website hosted outside China.

    Make the domain resolution process inside China to enhance your page inclusion rate. Include a local name server in China to improve the situation. This is as a result of lack of priority from Baidu for websites hosted outside China as opposed to Yahoo! and Google.

    There are multiple entries on the search engine results page or SERP that occur when you optimize your website for search engines. The hreflang attribute does not make much of a difference and you may be comfortable as all the traffic is yours. Unfortunately, you will either lose out to your paid ads or the Chinese search engines will bury your official website in the SERP.

    Organic results derived from the Chinese search engines are rather confusing. As a foreign brand that focuses on a country in its website portfolio, it will not be easy for you to specify the default language landing site. For you to get it right, you need to use a different approach to gain optimization of your website in China. This requires going further than the best practice there is.

    In conclusion, it is essential to include a local name server that enhances your page inclusion rate. Conversely, you should go long-tail for your strategy when you allow your paid ads handle brand management. This is the most suitable approach to gaining visibility via SEO strategy in China.

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    There are various smart techniques that Hollywood employs to achieve success from their products and are very useful in product marketing. Here are the methods that can enhance your content marketing:

    Give the Audience What They Want to Hear
    You should use what you know regarding your targeted audience through surveys or CRM while mixing it with a new concept that they can utilize. Keep tabs on the latest industry trends. This brings out qualities of leadership in creativity while consistently updating the audience with alluring content.

    Understand the Objective
    Regulating your investment in time by matching curated content with an authentic commentary can result in the delivery of a successful piece of marketing content. This caters for the needs of your targeted audience with the ability to go viral.

    Advertising Is Worth the Cost
    Invest your time and resources to advertise your work via social media channels and newsletters in order to make them read your blog as well as public forums. Employ shares and social recommendations to draw traffic as the content originates from a trustworthy source. You can work with content amplification options such as Outbrain to create interest in your site.

    Contract a Celebrity
    Hire a guest blogger who is an expert that will land special knowledge and credibility to your output. Conversely, you need to engage trusted authorities that are interested in blogging on your site as their contest will engage your targeted audience and create interest.

    Recycle Your Content
    Get your content published widely once it is produced. Re-blog it, produce excerpts for social media channels, change the format and build microsites around a series of content. Remember to mix the old content with the new. It always attracts the audience. It may be used to introduce a new subject of content to customers or simply reintroduced.

    Big Results

    Content marketing is meant to engage your customers and prospects in such a manner that they do not feel like they are purchasing something. These techniques can help you produce content along the same lines of thought.

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    Digital marketing indicates all kinds of promotions and advertisement campaigns that is carried out on the medium of the internet. The online medium of the World Wide Web is an increasingly popular and used form of communication and references. Every day there are millions of internet users and web surfers who are logged in across the world in different time zones. This is an advantage captured for you by a capable digital marketing agency. They develop campaigns designed to suit the preferences of these diverse range of users.

    Here is a look at some of the mediums available for a digital marketing consultancy.

    • Websites
    • Blogs
    • Portals
    • Web directories
    • Social networking websites

    You may have a natural question of how these are useful for your company products and services. The answer is simple and not difficult to find. There is an extensive research carried out by maximum digital marketing consultancy companies. This will give you figures and statistics on the popularity of the internet and the average clicks that is available from users all over the world in a single minute each day. The numbers are astounding. Coupled with this digital marketing techniques bring you greater exposure in less time. The careful planning of your digital marketing agency will also ensure that there is a low cost involved in the campaigns.

    Here are some of the basic advantages that come with digital marketing plans.

    • Broader base of internet viewers and audiences
    • Low costs and greater affordability even on a long-term basis
    • Quicker access to different locations worldwide
    • Attractive advertisements designed with Flash, imagery and graphics
    • Options of search engine optimization

    One of the latest developments made by digital marketing consultancy companies is with social media websites.  Here they have created profiles for individual client companies with complete feature of products and services range. It helps to bring companies closer to their clienteles and also develop a personal bond with them. Possibly one of the best innovations of a digital marketing agency this has given a new platform of online exposure for companies. It has enabled better exposure of their products and new launches along with company information and ideology. Digital marketing has found a fulfilling and a profitable exposure through social media websites which helps them to connect with their consumers directly.

    The availability of a wide range of digital marketing consultancy companies has enabled easier approach for companies on the online avenue of internet marketing. These professional companies have brought about greater scope for their clients with an appropriate use of software tools and applications. They are adept in the use of linkage and keywords for greater impact of the content.

    Here are some of the methods of digital marketing implemented by your digital marketing agency.

    • PPC ad campaigns
    • Online advertisements across websites
    • Content submissions in blogs and portals
    • Specific selection of keywords and key phrases for usage
    • Use of web directories for submission of articles

    There is a careful planning of each aspect of your company promotions by a digital marketing consultancy. They have complete databases of information and details of available options of websites for specific companies and their range of products and services. A digital marketing agency will include your advertisements for websites and portals or blogs where it will be relevant and more attractive for the audience.  This is done with a careful evaluation of a core group of consumers and their choices.

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  • 25Feb

    Apple fans and iPhone fans love Safari, the mobile browser for portable Apple products. This is due to a rich feature set, and one of those features deals with privacy concerns. The ability to prevent the iPhones Internet use to be tracked for all kinds of information gathering by a less than respectful digital marketing agency. Unfortunately this may not be enough, and you may end up being tracked by search engines and digital marketing consultancy companies.

    This has even raised the attention of the Wall Street Journal and other respected media factories. Apparently digital marketing consultancy companies have been using a special code that tricks the browser into letting them monitor their users. This despite the much appreciated ability of Safari for blocking this kind of behavior.

    Search engines such as Google or any other digital marketing agency websites are intentionally “breaking” the programming of iPhone’s using Safari to gather demographic information and other such private information. Some digital marketing consultancy companies have even began providing scripts to allow others to do this sort of underhanded and invasive practice.

    In response to this news Google was forced or maybe just volunteered to disable the code that allows a rogue digital marketing agency to do this sort of surveillance. In a statement regarding its practices, Google states that the cookies do not gather personal information from the user’s iPhone, but instead merely made use of features that Google users had enabled by signing into the popular search engine for the purpose of digital marketing consultancy.

    It seems the apparent Achilles heel  to Safari’s ability to block tracking cookies from a digital marketing agency and other such nasty things was circumvented by “like” and “add” buttons for popular social networks. The default blocking of third party cookies apparently unable to stop this invasion.

    Google also says that their digital marketing consultancy cookies did not communicate anything personal, just merely meant to see if Safari users were logged into Google and had enabled these services and gather information for digital marketing purposes. Google further stated that Safari has some functionalities that allowed other advertising cookies to be set on the Apple portable products. Due to this, Google has begun removing these rogue digital marketing agency cookies from Safari browsers.

    Those who use Chrome, Firefox, and even Internet Explorer are not effected by these changes. Those who have opted-out of the digital marketing advertising are secure as well. This of course is done through Google’s Advertising Preference Manager. Many feel that had Google should have taken an Opt-in approach, as opposed to automatically implementing the advertising cookies without user’s knowledge, none of this would have happened.

    Although Google states that no personal information was gathered from these digital marketing  third party cookies, there are those that feel a user’s Internet behavior should not be used as an advertising scheme or even tracked at all. This is proven by the popularity of not just Safari, but other browsers that block third party and digital marketing cookies by default or offer extensive lists of blocking add-ons.

    On a side note the features like enabling the “like” button or the Google+ button had nothing to do with thee circumvention.This raises a very important question, “What could the digital marketing companies and search engines be thinking? Were the profits worth the ire of many, until this event, loyal Google fans?” Apparently there were profits to be made from this breach of trust. It just goes to show that even beloved Google turns nasty when money is on the line.

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    How hard do you think breaking into digital marketing and get your website ranked as high as possible? The answer depends on what market your are trying to raise your place in the search engine results page. If you are attempting a national or international digital marketing approach, you face stiff competition and most likely deeply entrenched companies. If, however, you go for local digital marketing, then you will be very surprised at how easy it can be to achieve high ranking in search engine results pages or SERP.

    A quick survey of local companies can give you an idea of what you are competing against. Since most websites are employing a digital marketing agency that is still relying on their link building abilities, or the link building abilities of whoever they hired, the following can help you get an advantage and ahead of the rest on the SERP. Even the higher ranking digital marketing consultancy firms can stand some improvement. To begin, let us look at some of the things a digital marketing agency high ranking local sites may be doing to stay high in the SERP:

    1) A Google + profile and any other social networking media helps them to exhibit their website, offer testimonials, exploit digital marketing and to raise awareness of their business.

    2)  A digital marketing consultancy firm will tell you that having a business blog is a great way to let people in their area know about their service and keep them aware of any discounts or promotional events.

    3) Having pictures of your work on the site will increase people’s interest and a digital marketing agency shows that the change shows that they pay attention to their blog or profiles and is a great tool.

    4) With some social bookmarking and good updated listings in Superpages, they have the bulk of their digital marketing.

    With this small  amount of effort, a company can have over 100 followers on Google+ and an astounding 200 people on Twitter and other social networks. This is essentially free advertising as any digital marketing consultancy firm will tell you.

    In fact, a company doing this ,may have more of an advantage than even the top ranking digital marketing consultancy company will tell you, this is because they have tapped into the awesome potential of the captive audience they have in their social network followers. Still there is always room for improvement. As the following will outline.

    1) Beautify your website.  It is the first thing a digital marketing consultancy will tell you. If you have a polished and professional website then people are more likely to investigate further and consider your service or product. If you have an amateur looking site, people will assume you have amateur services. Worse yet, they may even think you are a scam or a malicious website because of your sloppiness.

    2) Give links to as many social networking sites as you have profiles on. This is a wonderful way to advertise and raise awareness for your service or product that any digital marketing agency will help you do. Try and create as many profiles as you can keep up with, it is important to not leave a profile have finished or idle for too long. A digital marketing agency will  tell you to update the profiles frequently, and place the icons near the top of the page.

    3) If you have pictures of the finished product then you should also show the before pictures as well. This can give someone an idea of how your service works and the quality of your work.

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    images (1)

    If you are a business owner and you have a websitethat uses digital marketing, you know that being as high up in  the search results page is of the most importance for a successful business website. You want to be as high on the list as possible according to a digital marketing consultancy firm, due to the nature of search engines and the way that customers will always pick the upper most web sites. These following steps are your ticket to the top of the search results page.

    1) A clean and neat digital marketing oriented website speaks of professionalism, and a good user interface is a must have for any websites wanting a person’s attention for more than 30 seconds.  You don’t have to be a website designer to do this either, all you need to do is use WordPress. Try and used the two column theme, this is the preferred for many businesses as is stated by top digital marketing consultancy firms..

    2) After you have set up your website’s theme, you should begin by adding any social networks that you belong and consult a digital marketing agency. Try to get these to the top of your page in the sidebar section. Add any social networking “like/add buttons” or widgets from the social networking sites. this is a great way to advertise as any digital marketing agency of worth will tell you.

    3) A good digital marketing agency will place links to sites like Google Places and others. If you don’t have accounts on these sites it is best that you make them now. Try and use easy to read but not to large of icons for visitors to click. A 32 by 32 icon is the best size for many eyes. This includes any widgets and and buttons provided by the major social networks for digital marketing. Social networking takes little to no technical know-how and is easily set up, especially if you have your content written before hand. Although simple, they are a powerful tool for digital marketing.

    4) You can offer discounts and other incentives to people who have visited your website and left a review on your Google Places profile. Many digital marketing consultancy firms recommend this new resource. Have people add you on their profiles for another discount. This is a great way to spread your influence through the social network as many digital marketing consultancy firms will explain.

    5) You can even have a very special offer for those who have left a video review for you on YouTube or other video sharing websites. One of the greatest things to have is a testimonial. Any digital marketing agency will tell you that a happy customer telling a potential customer about the product and the service is incredibly good digital marketing. Advertising that costs a fraction of what it could in discounts, as there is no need to pay for a professional one.

    6) Considering the free video hosting sites available from digital marketing consultancy firms and video hosting sites, a business owner could have themselves talking about the product they are selling and have links to the video on their business page as well as their social network pages. A good digital marketing agency will tell you to  blog about your store, its promotions, and its upcoming sales.

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    When you take a deeper look at any social networking site from a digital marketing perspective and see millions of people, you tend to wonder what is going on with that social network that is so interesting. Unfortunately the answer is very little if not just sitting idle, accumulating “friends”. This is sadly the case when it comes to Google+, or rather that is how it seems as reported by independent ranking companies and digital marketing consultancy.

    Some even feel that there is little reason to log into their Google+ profile and little to do afterwards. Although the Google+  interface is far easier on the eyes and much nicer to navigate, Facebook seems to be more popular and actively populated these day probably due to loyalty and a great digital marketing agency.

    A good deal of this inequity may very well be the lack of digital marketing profiles on Google+, as opposed to the digital marketing prowess of Facebook. In fact many professionals stay with their social network because they don’t have time for more than one social network in a day despite the benefits to their digital marketing campaigns.

    The odd thing is it seems as if Google+ users just plain have forgotten all about the website. A look at some independent ranking sites and you will see the difference immediately. A recent report from a digital marketing consultancy firm explained the average time a user is logged in, and how many minutes per months. This was done with 6 social networks. Although it surpirises no one that Facebook is on top by a large margin in many cases, averaging around 7 hours a month according to an independent digital marketing agency.

    At 98 minutes average user time per month, Tumblr came in second place. Twitter was reported as having around 21 minutes a month. This shorter time is mostly due to the rapid fire nature of the social networking site as one digital marketing agency stated. Professionals liked LinkdIn spending around 17 minutes per month. Even the venerable Myspace, the social network everyone seems to have forgotten, received 8 minutes a month of usage according to digital marketing firms.

    The ultimate strangeness comes from the fact that the giant search engine’s attempt at a social network came in dead last according to a digital marketing agency. The average use for Google+ falls below at just 3 minutes a month. That’s hardly enough time to let the advertisements load as any digital marketing consultancy will tell you. How has Google+ fallen so far behind all the other social networks, especially with Google’s immense size and digital marketing consultancy department?

    As any digital marketing agency will tel you users want to go where their friends are.A change in Google’s policy regarding accounts for other Google services that forces a user to join Google+  and create a Gmail account before they can sign up for their desired service. This may well anger certain potential new users and may be related to Google+ low usage.

    The fact that users are forced to sign up with Google+ before they can use any Google services, outside of the search engine that is, most likely skews the results of those digital marketing consultancy reports. Perhaps the 3 minutes is the time a new user spends creating an account.

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  • 25Feb

    Although Google+ remains an invitation only social network, at least for the time being. Google’s search engine will change as the search engine results page begin to reflect the results of the social networks. Google +1 is no exception, as popular opinion is even more important with the  advent of social networking mediums and digital marketing. With Google’s social network, there is one side effect of this ranking system: it bridges the gap between social media networks and search engines and aids any digital marketing consultancy businesses need.

    An independent Internet study by a digital marketing consultancy decided that the system needed to be tested to be understood and more successfully exploited. To accomplish this task the digital marketing agency shared amongst a select group a list of websites that had not been indexed through a social network. This was done in response to Google dropping the real time search feature, to test the same process was done using Google+ as the sharing method.

    The digital marketing agency then requested that all participants share the websites but only on the network that they had received it through themselves. This meant that the people who had received the website list from social network “A”  should only send the website list within social network “A”, and likewise with social network “B”.

    The information that this study revealed is that although the real time search result aspect was removed, the use of social networks still aids the search and the indexing of pages and is still relevant to a digital marketing agency. The surprising result was the ranking of these non-indexed pages, the websites in question began to rise to the top of the SERP along with ads for Google+. This also shows the potential for Google+ to aid in search engine optimization (SEO) and can aid advertising companies and digital marketing consultancy.

    Essentially what Google has done is taken some of the more successful features from other social networks and is attempting to make the search results page a lot more people oriented. The digital marketing aspect comes from the use of the +1 button and Google+. These new features  are tracking user’s behavior for digital marketing consultancy purposes, and allowing them to influence the popularity of the websites they visit a little more. This is expected to change the face of digital marketing and the search engine results page.

    However, there are some digital marketing agency experts who are saying that Google+ will have no impact on the search engine optimization. The reasoning behind this belief are Google’s past attempts such as Google Wave and other failures. The indications as stated by digital marketing consultancy firms, are that this new attempt to break into the social networking market in the hope that it will boost potential for digital marketing will fail as well.

    The truth of the matter is that many search engines are already picking up social network results.   Digital marketing has already shown the potential to take advantage of this aspect without Google’s help. However as another digital marketing agency speculates, the advent of the Google+ button may still have an impact on the way SEO methods are implemented due to site ranking innovations like the +1 button. So far the industry has rolled with the relatively weak punches.

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