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and white eyes, with a promise some banter, looking at Xiao Yan. ‘This old guy was terrifying speed.’ ‘Xiao Yan light inhaled air, his face also become thickened up today, I am afraid they have to be some big trouble.’ Although you have a thousand thunderous and the magic wing bone However,coach bags outlet sale, compared with the old lady wants to speed,Cheap Coach Purses, you have chosen the wrong way. ‘Fee-day road smiling face.’ You really want to do? ‘Xiao Yan Chen Sheng shouted, but it is implied the four sun swept away, looking to escape the position.’ The old lady to three thousand Disillusionment mine, even if you put together a four-volume,Coach Outlet, but still could not hold the practice So stay in the body is wasted. ‘Fee-day faint.’ Disillusionment mine back to you three thousand,Coach Outlet Store, you will let me go? ‘Xiao Yan eyes slightly narrowed, with the slow road.
Heard, fee day is a smile, a step forward and gently pace, stature is strange appear outside Xiao Yan hundred meters,Coach Handbags Outlet, he with a chuckle: ‘You can then fused different fire exercises, the wife also cranial interested to the surrender, may be able to put you away. ‘
hear the remark, Xiao Yan’s face, completely gloomy and down, the burning of the biggest decisions relying on his practice, he could have come this far,Coach Outlet Online, almost half of all credit decisions burning, burning this old guy to grab decisions that almost grab his life, but never so Xuanqi burning exercises, he is absolutely impossible to outsiders, not to mention thunder Court also counted as his enemies.
‘You know the old lady who has a very tyrannical soul body, I could sense his presence fuzzy, but the soul of the body but the soul of the body, after all, if he is an entity, the old lady is really only receded today, but unfortunately.’ ‘ see Xiao Yan gloomy face, do not care fee days, Xiao Yan eyes slowly in

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a day’s time, among this day, Xiao Yan’s body is like a sculpture in general, motionless, if not its flavor is still normal, but even Don
shock would think if he were what appeared in the tradition of being unexpected. Empty House floor among red crystal ball constantly exudes bright Hongmang the House floor shines like the day,Coach Outlet Store Online, but next to a crystal ball,Coach Outlet Store Online, Xiao Yan is still keeping his hands outstretched position, but at the moment its skin on, it seems that also has a faint between Hongmang circulation, looks quite different mysterious. ‘Well how can he not? I had only one hour heritage just …’ Tang hand holding fire Xiangsai children, looked motionless body of Xiao Yan, finally,Cheap Coach Purses, could not resist the open road. ‘You had to be lazy, there is no experience of those ancestors inside the crystal ball and improved full-humble admission, while Xiao Yan is chosen overall reception.’ ‘Don shock faint.’ I spent those who experience such as digestion and absorption After the swap, it can not continue to absorb it … ‘Don child spit spit fire Xiangshe, hehe smiles.
‘Oh, no way to really get you, your talent is not extremely weak, if some serious future Fen Yan Gu Gu Zhu’s position would certainly be for you, but with enough strength, even you hate those old guys nor can nag again, ” Don earthquake shook his head, very helpless Road. Mmm … ‘Don nodded hastily fire child seems afraid Tang Zhen also continued nagging go
seeing this,Coach Factory Outlet, it is no hog Tang Zhen,Coach Factory Outlet, shook his head, a look of sudden move, turning a crystal ball, and he saw that there was now Hongmang is rapidly dissipated, while the other hand Xiao Yan, touches a Hongmang,Coach Outlet Store, then a nice piece S1, Hao shake between eyes, is actually open eyes slowly open. ‘Wake up?’ Xiao Yan opened his eyes to see, Tang Zhen also

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all five of these stars, Even that moment Zhang Mei, a silver old man,Coach Factory Outlet, watching his breath, afraid to hit all five stars were the peak level.
is a shot of three cases of five stars, but this is a North Tower of strength,Coach Outlet Online, if four House gathered, how tough it will be the strength of this House to be the leading forces of wind and thunder over the Central Plains,Coach Outlet, it really does not depend on the fame .
‘presumably is that the so-called three should wind it three elders lightning, storms North Tower comes in really think highly of the next …’ Xiao Yan slowly Road.
‘Shen Yun will be able to kill, you will naturally not a mediocrity, the old trio together to, not too much.’ contemporary man who silver Zhang Mei, a touch of road, between its words, with some promise Ray sound, are like a natural-like,Coach Outlet Online, so that was repressed people heyday.
‘It was his own fault, blame anyone …’ Xiao Yan faint.
‘you pregnant thousand thunderous storms have killed my elders North Tower, this sin, not free, read in junior you are with us back to the wind and thunder,Coach Factory Outlet, North Court, referring to the next may not Gezhu mercy will spare your life.’ a painted with round after round of lightning on the name of the old robes, cold shouted.
‘go there, perhaps I did a way out …’ Xiao Yan laughed.
‘Why waste words with this kid, first caught again, Gezhu said, kill me thunder Court who must pay the price, which was folded L live, destroy grudge forever imprisoned in North Reta, so that was Outsiders also know that in the future you want to move my thunder! – Court who is much to think about the consequences, ‘an old man dressed in qingpao eyes flashed Yin Li, Chen Sheng said.
hear these words Henli volt home,coach bags outlet sale, Xiao Yan face is gradually becoming cold up, destroy vindictive, permanent captivity, these

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see to things, but also because of contention between the occasional, but extremely fierce fighting broke out n
Xiao Yan eyes in this first layer casual sweep of the sweep, is lost interest, a wave, against the inner temple of Dan snatched looking to climb to the top of the stairs, and directly on the second layer. Dan Hall
entering the second layer that Yi Sha, small medical cents cheek is slightly changed,Cheap Coach Purses, and whispered: ‘, Xiao Yan’ has Purifier,Coach Outlet Store, then give everyone the drug dose, where the air is poisonous. Small private medical
hear two words go far Hsiao people are hesitated, sucked a few breaths, and she is aware of a little wrong.
‘No wonder this second layer of fewer people, did you get someone in the move, ‘Xiao Yan eyes swept away’ Benton is on some of the bodies in the distance on the ground,Coach Outlet Store, look at this look, obviously some down Sharp poisoned guy.
removed from the sodium ring several weekdays refining Purifier,coach purses outlet, handed in the crowd were taken,Coach Outlet Store, Xiao Yan This said: ” This temple has three Dan, this is only the second layer, presumably the real treasure in the third layer But since there is a second layer of gas, presumably the third layer is not at peace,Coach Outlet Online, everyone will be more careful. ”
hear Xiao Yan reminder, friends also nodded his head, only a small medical cents Minzui smile, as the woe poison her body, the most afraid of is that what the poison gas.
a pedestrian in this second layer of coarse search a lot, just looking for some high-order goods is not immortality, it seems should be pre-empted. In the search for a long while after
still nothing unexpected harvest, Hsiao go far people had to give up ‘will enter the third floor of the channel to find out, once again reminded the sentence after another, this enter. Dan
This third layer is extremely

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passing chill, faint:? ‘Cao step back I had to explain how the external leaves home to say this marriage, I Cao? home is somewhat foreign propaganda, and now if people can not marry, I would not be face Cao lose big? It can be counted as a small grudge? ” That meant Cao single master,Coach Outlet Store, is today must take people away? ‘Xiao Yan footsteps slowly take a step,Coach Outlet, laughed softly.
for Xiao Yan was slightly bully momentum, Cao Shan also slightly narrowed eyes to his talent alchemy of these years, but rarely is the younger generation of people so treated.
before looking at Xiao Yan, Cao single not only never had the slightest retreat, but also a step forward, and the interval between Xiao Yan, but Chixu short distance, his eyes staring straight Xiao Yan, said: ‘Xiao Yan I heard you, you know it can play, but you have to understand, I Cao, not a valley glaciers, as long as I Cao Fangchuhualai, even you, also feel very afraid of headaches. ‘I do not even then kill the soul of the house of the people, do not you think you Cao, will be more difficult to deal with than the soul of the house? ‘Xiao Yan fingers slowly spread out, dull sound track.
heard, Cao single face this micro do for a change,Coach Outlet Store Online, Cao virtue of appeal,Coach Factory Outlet, indeed compared with the glacial valley, but if it is the soul of the house, then what. Cao was that he lost that status, after all,Coach Outlet, but with the soul of the house exists side by side Danta, Cao but he clung to Danta it, how could talk to the soul than the temple?
‘Xiao Yan, I know you are very courageous, but sometimes they have some reason today, or attending these people are not welcomed with blue, but if the next time, I believe, even with respect behind you two fighting strength who is hard to get to what role, this energy,Coach Outlet Store, I still have Cao, ‘the’ pride of Cao single,

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afraid Xiao Yan also did not give the answer in this regard.
‘realm of the soul, four tiers,Coach Outlet Online, where the environment, spiritual environment, day environment, Dili throughout the vast majority of people, even eight items or less refining pharmacists, soul realm, where most of them are stuck in the environment, but the power of the soul, each the strength of it, but you’ve also stop at this level, but much stronger than the ordinary person ……,
‘some seven refining pharmacist, if by chance, and perhaps that is able to touch the spiritual environment faint, but if the soul force reached this level,Coach Outlet Store, that is,Coach Outlet Online, will have an effect, and that is ensouled, given the immortality of the spirit xìng meaning you should know that eight items immortality, mostly with extraordinary spirit xìng, but it is precisely because of this spirit xìng, just have to be able to make them reach the rank of eight items, unusual refining pharmacists, patients regardless of mixing drugs and then out sè , if not the spirit of giving immortality xìng, then this immortality, it is never reach grade eight items ‘
‘Heavens, you should also know, if Nine immortality, then,Coach Outlet Store Online, Euro RSCG is no different with the ordinary human beings, which is the equivalent of almost a kind of creation, creating a spiritual life, spiritual life which is not only going to need Xia It gives spiritual xìng, but also have power of heaven and earth, but want to do it, it is necessary to achieve this Babel Xia day environment, this level,Coach Factory Outlet, presumably now big ⺌ land should rarely be able to do. ”
‘As Imperial territory that exist in legend, even I only heard,Coach Factory Outlet, but respect for the immortality of the Xia-order goods, you should know that the emperor goods, the only thing I can tell you is that this state, and Dan Di goods drugs, has been

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hesitant, the dragon is an instant,Coach Outlet Online, flames swept away to see, is the round of the black line around which to live, and then twisted together into a mass of green fire raging, The black line package inside, quickly began refining.
facing glass lotus refining fire,coach bags outlet sale, poison that magic spot is intense black line up against a very strong corrosive Mist Unit, where a steady stream of self-emission, the last four weeks of madness in front flame hit away.
‘chi chi!’
Mist impact on the flames,Coach Outlet Store, suddenly burst into Chi Chi sound to today’s glass then Firelight, maybe wait a moment really really difficult to completely poison refining magic spot, but it was so small a share, but it is not too much problem.
different fire at Xiao Yan mind control, rapid contraction, Chi Chi sound rang again,Coach Outlet, and soon I saw was that magic is poisonous black line spot colors fade quickly become just one hour or so, one of the black toxins, actually it was exhaustively refinery fire glass lotus.
with toxins within it do go, appear at Xiao Yan mind watching, it is an extremely pure, like a real grudge like a forceful.
which shares a grudge and not the slightest awarenessSo it stays in flames, motionless.
feeling pure vindictiveness which shares extent,Coach Outlet Online, Xiao Yan face surface touch is satisfied look, this magic spot,Coach Outlet Store Online, although the risk of toxicity, but would be a great tonic, if it can be completely refining it, Xiao Yan guess their strength B code can be jumped to hit Samsung were fighting level.
worldly things, it really is dangerous and harvest coexist.
mind controls which shares a grudge, running along the route burning power law decisions, it soon will be satisfied quickly for its own purposes.
sensing the body slightly enhanced sense of vindictiveness, Xiao Yan heart is Hey smile, mind once

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flashed a little thought, depressed middle-aged hearts overflow of violence intended to kill, Xiao Yan eyes slowly scanned the body, immediately sound cold and said: ‘Lord help Kui Kui brake wolf, boy, today, if you can move a I fear the forces of the background, and that this loss, I own to swallow it! ‘
‘no temptation, and rest assured, we are alone three, no forces behind, so you do not have to worry.’ Wen Yan, Xiao Yan is smile, said.
Xiao Yan words of a fall, when the hall erupted in a burst of laughter silver, and in so little mocking laughter under Qin Zhao,Coach Factory Outlet, Kui brake that is twitch mouth, the eyes of the intention to kill the storm surge.
hearts intended to kill the storm surge,Coach Outlet, a moment, Meng Kui brake stature of a move, picked up his right leg, the body into a state of semi-rotary air, breeze right foot with an aggressive, direct tear the air,Coach Outlet Online, severely The front of Xiao Yan and co-head thrown anger.
Kui said brake Henla this hands-on mentality Lian hand, it touches so many people have exclaimed loudly, this guy really like the rumors say, is a thoroughly hob meat.
Kui facing extremely abrupt brake so aggressive offensive, Xiao Yan is not even the eyes look up, flicking out his right hand, and after a momentary Kui brake is floating right leg hit together,Coach Factory Outlet, present a low sound Baoxiang, soon a breeze ripples spread out around the table, give burst open.
hands and feet will be a touch points, Xiao Yan stature motionless,Coach Factory Outlet, but sat in a chair, but it is suddenly burst into a ball of powder, while the other hand that Kui brake, but it is thump thump of footsteps Annealing several steps,Coach Outlet Store Online, which is a short one round fight, both the strength of strong or weak, then suddenly a minute.
‘This guy turned out to be a strong imperial struggle?’ It’s a short fight,

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the way to when we met the North Gezhu fee days. That dance inflammation can slip away from his hands,Coach Outlet Online, this ability, among peers, the number is probably not even five men Miss North Gezhu for strength but also an understanding of nature is known to escape from their hands, how much difficulty, and about him, storms Court recently uproar, Miss should have heard the old man Shen Pao pill …… channel.
‘Nature is heard, can break open the North Tower nine three elders mobilize Ray prison under the front of the fabric, how are pushovers …… But I wonder, if rely on his own strength, that it can be done ? within the pulse of Tianmu, have pressed tidal energy, energy exceeds the limit,Coach Outlet, it will inevitably lead to temporary body tidal energy, therefore, in the mountains, with the needs of the real ability to borrow other forces can not become what the climate. ‘Choi skirt woman forehead open a real estate broker Shu hunchback black hair, brown eyes in purple. Hsu has some light flashes, whispered.
Jie Jie, fire the old man, today, how do others say this and other inspiring words up? Maybe that kid is some skill, but I do,Cheap Coach Purses, mostly because it is a strong body of the soul’s sake, this advantage will be gone in Tianmu veins, if the lady never met a good example, if met, would thrust the its beheaded, that time to the North Court Gezhu, can sell them a favor. ‘Side Lvpao old women, smiled and said:’ Miss strength, even Gezhu said, and were under the bucket, hard to find an opponent, even met some other strong bands were fighting, but also has the strength to fight, So you must not underestimate,Coach Outlet Online, however, Miss. ‘
Heard, Pao old man could not help but frowned,Coach Outlet, Gang Yu speak, the woman in front of a colorful skirt is gently shook his white Haowan, slowly: ‘Fire elders worry,Coach Outlet, I know

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like the majestic power of thunder demon puppet absorbed those days, in this natural Star steamer, being grown up with the natural temperature. ‘
Although Xiao Yan is also clear,jordan shoes for sale, time refining thousand scorching fire need not necessarily brief, but he still did not expect, he was the eyes,Cheap Jordans, the body is between six months. Within six months, the star field is still silent as death domain, but outside of the star field,cheap jordans for sale, but it is worth quarreling.
early on the third day after the original Star closed, small medical cents is open insists on star field to save the Big Three, the Big Three is regrettable, however, coupled with the Xuanyi which deal, only the third day of the star domain – open, but the door opened in the space that Yi Sha, terrible as flames raging out like a prehistoric beast, if not well prepared for the Big Three, I am afraid inevitably will create a big disaster.
out of this situation, a small medical cents though anxious, but not good requires three giant open again, but fortunately has a purple research induction, otherwise, she and other times I’m afraid this is unbearable suffering.
open after that time lasts about a month, the Big Three is the initiative to open a red field, this time to enter the Flying child alone, but he was not more than five minutes into it, then it is awkward channeling back,cheap jordans for sale, due to the closure of the star field, which leads to more terror temperatures,Cheap Jordans Outlet, even by his strength, it is only only about km depth, is irresistible, only to flee.
Xuan Kong saw the child that embarrassed look, everyone -,cheap jordan shoes, the head is gradually sink down, the former strength, are not within the domain of the star stay, not to mention Xiao-yan?
But when everyone intends to hold the worst, a small medical cents, who’d also hold one of the last straw, and that

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that only seven nations?’ Xiao Yan was silent for a moment, suddenly said.
drug staring at Xiao Yan, after a moment, and said: ‘There are a whole has discarded the ancient race, Shaw family,cheap jordan shoes, which is now xiaojia you.’
Xiao Yan slowly breath,cheap jordans, as if a lot of thoughts come to mind spit in general, he never thought that the whole occupies a corner,Cheap Jordans Outlet, only to survive among a whole empire Gama’s second-tier cities Xiao, but it is to have this in, etc. It is impossible to believe even their own legendary history.
Although Xiao Yan did not know it was all so-called Shaw family,Cheap Jordans, more powerful in the distant time, but since the soul of the family and to work with these and other forces tied ancient tribe, then naturally has a monstrous potential, but now, it’s all illustrious race had a moment, but it is already being unforgiving, out away.
‘Shaw family, have also been fighting the Emperor,cheap jordan shoes, so that future generations in this vein, but also has a bucket Emperor blood, but the blood when your ancestors arrived Xiao Xuan his generation, he is thoroughly Use exhausted ‘old drugs slowly: ” Emperor fighting blood, although powerful, but not always, it also has to do when the main stream flow, while maintaining its continuation of the method, that is,Emperor of the fighting appeared to give blood new vigor and vitality. ‘
‘Unfortunately, since the Shaw family who struggle Emperor, Xiao family is fighting the Emperor has not been seen again strong, most cutting-edge, it is only your ancestors Xiao Xuan, but again,cheap jordans, he broke Dan Shen article doing all, there is still not completely save this entire decline race. ‘
‘Until now, the so-called bucket Emperor Hsiao family blood, almost completely abandoned, my many years in your body, it has never been sensitive to the slightest fighting Emperor

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enter Out of the city is quite complicated, but due to the ancient name of the first family that loud,Cheap Jordans Outlet, it is in no one dared to run wild here. Xiao Yan
few people along the ranks slowly forward, after a long while, and finally go to reach the gates of the eyes swept away, I saw both sides of the city was in the doorway, nearly one hundred silhouette dressed in black armor armed with rifles, standing straight ‘sharp The cold eyes constantly swept around, a Unit of powerful flavor, since they diffuse out of the human body,cheap jordans for sale, so too people have lamented that this ancient tribe of mine, it really is great.
shift attention from the black silhouette of armor and open,cheap jordan shoes, head rice Xiao Yan suddenly pour in on the gates of a familiar figure, the moment is slightly narrowed eyes.
‘Ling Quan ,cheap jordans…… ”
at the city gate,Road figure standing straight, glaucoma glowing light armor,cheap jordan shoes, so he looks more children have to trace the cold behind the cloak swing ‘is looked high-spirited, and this road familiar figure, is naturally and Xiao Yan had several times festive black submerged Jun Tongling, Ling Quan, did not expect this ancient holy city just arrived, and he saw Xiao Yan is really Yuanjialuzhai.
see when Xiao Yan Ling Quan, who was also transferred over the cold eyes, the moment is Yi Zheng, immediately looking quickly darkened.
‘Xiao Yan, who allowed you to come here? ”
Ling Quan that suddenly become ugly looking and cold Sheng ‘also has made it a lot of attention is shifted bang division over the last stop on some surprised Xiao Yan body ‘who will champion Dan made something already in the Plains uproar, now Xiao Yan, the Central Plains, is also not a small reputation, but look now look,cheap jordans, it seems champion and ancient family of the young guide who will Dan, has little scores ah.